This phase focuses on how to put ideas into practice, how to ensure that a solution creates shared value among all stakeholders and how to prevent innovations from failure.

Prototyping and developing

It is specifically dedicated to the in-depth study and the realization of previously developed ideas. Social innovators and managing authorities can build out specific elements of the solution to test. Prototyping in social innovation involves identifying specific elements or touchpoints of the service to understand the feasibility and desirability of the solution. After prototyping and re-iterating needed specifics, the solution is ready to be developed and deployed at scale.

Business Model

Resource assessment

Cash flow process

Business Plan

Testing solution and amplifying

Once the idea has been implemented, social innovators will test the solution to understand its level of functioning and efficacy. Social innovators and policymakers have the task of making the solutions recognizable by larger audiences and giving them higher visibility, verifying the possibility of moving towards new socio-cultural and geographic contexts.

Service Blueprint

Scaling Plan