This phase focuses on the design of a viable solution and the conditions of its sustainability. Social innovators and policy makers identify as many solutions as possible and then select them based on opportunity, feasibility, and convenience criteria.

Brainstorming and generating ideas

The main goal is to generate ideas and mix solutions to solve the identified problem. Analysis and drafting of policy approaches allow managing authorities to elaborate new policies. Similarly, by analysing best practices, social innovators can mix them, create new ones, and design the largest number of solutions to face the social challenge.

KJ Ideation

Idea days and policy jams

Idea selection and solution building

Managing authorities and social innovators can select the final solution that will be taken in the next phase and will be implemented. The main objective is to narrow the range of choices and identify the most suitable and feasible ideas.

Idea Selection

Idea Card

Value proposition Canvas


User Journey

Designing and delivering Social Innovation Competition