Kocevje, Slovenia

Actors involved

social economy organisations, public sector entities, citizens

Thematic areas of SI

Circular economy and environment, urban regeneration, poverty, welfare and work


The cooperative was founded in 2015 by 6 members on the initiative of the Municipality of Kocevje. Today, the cooperative has 13 members and over 40 business partners.

The Kocevje Business Incubator took the initiative and helped the Cooperative to its establishment and start-up. The cooperative manages a nursery where the members of the cooperative have set up an orchard with about 400 fruit trees, a herb garden and fruit and vegetable production.

One of their main activities is the supply of locally produced food to public institutions, which is also a key mission of the Cooperative, and the supply of quality food and drink to schools, kindergartens and senior citizens’ homes.

Together with the Municipality of Kocevje and the municipal company (waste management), they manage the Market, located in the very centre of the town. At the market you can meet and chat with local producers and buy everything from flour to chokeberry juice, honey, bakery products, meats and so on.

They have also taken on the responsibility of managing the urban allotments, as they want to provide a cultivated area for those living in apartment blocks, while at the same time providing an educational training ground for all those who want to become professionals in the field of subsistence farming. In the town centre (in a former bakery) you can enter our boutique shop where you will be greeted by friendly faces. The shop offers over 170 local products with top quality produce.