Ljubljana, Slovenia

Actors involved

social economy organisations, intermediaries, citizens

Thematic areas of SI

urban regeneration, poverty, welfare and work


Housing justice is the requirement to provide adequate and quality housing for all people, regardless of their income or wealth. Ensuring adequate housing for all people is not only a reflection of a just society and not only a necessary relief for the most vulnerable individuals and families – a solved housing problem has many positive consequences for the economy, health, nature and society as a whole.

Zadrugator was founded in 2016 by an interdisciplinary group of students and young employees who were looking for alternative approaches to housing beyond the traps of ownership and for-profit renting. Through researching good foreign housing practices, we were introduced to rental housing cooperatives, which we soon realised could be a good solution for the Slovenian space. Our main goals became to set up a pilot project of a housing cooperative in Ljubljana and to regulate the conditions and incentives for the development of housing cooperatives in Slovenia. We believe that organising from bottom up and joining together in cooperatives are key to delivering better housing. Zadrugator is affiliated to MOBA Housing, a network of cooperatives and cooperative initiatives from Central and South-Eastern Europe. MOBA Housing members are working to establish the first housing cooperatives in a region marked by the shared experience of socialism, by sharing knowledge and supporting each other in pilot projects. In early 2020, we formalised the network and set up the MOBA European Cooperative Community, with the long-term goal of becoming an institution that will support non-speculative housing projects with knowledge and financial support.