Favara, Italy

Actors involved

Social economy organisations, private companies, public entities, intermediaries, citizens

Thematic areas of SI

Cultural heritage and creative industries, urban regeneration, education


Farm Cultural Park, opened in 2010 by a couple of freelancers, is a new generation independent cultural centre with a strong focus on contemporary art and innovation. It is located in the heart of the historic centre of Favara, in a district called “The seven courtyards” due to its urban conformation characterized precisely by seven small courtyards, which had remained semi-abandoned over time.

With one of Italy’s highest rates of unemployment and an unparalleled reputation for urban eyesores, Favara has never featured on any tourist map. But thanks to the creation of Farm Cultural Park, the town has started to attract many artists and visitors from all over the world.

Farm Cultural Park has acquired some of the houses inside the seven courtyards, transforming them into contemporary art exhibition places, meeting spaces, open kitchens for workshops and lunches, cocktail bars, vintage shops and more. In this way, the area has been transformed from an abandoned and degraded place into a centre of tourist attraction and a venue for meetings on innovation and the arts.