Train the Trainers Workshop

2-3 December 2021

The core activity of the SEED project is the creation of four national Competence Centers for Social Innovation in the partner Countries: Greece, Italy, Romania and Slovenia.

The Competence Centers will be Country specific and respond to the needs and challenges of the respective local ecosystems, but they will be created through a common methodology developed by the partners. The key feature of the whole process will be the co-design approach to ensure the principles of co-creation and inclusiveness.

2022 will be the crucial year in which each Country group will work together with the SEED associate partners, the ESF National Managing Authorities and the local stakeholders to define the mission and structure of the Competence Center, but also to design its sustainability strategy for the long term.

In order to kick-off this process in the most coordinated and effective way, the City of Torino as coordinator of the SEED project, hosted more than 20 representatives from the four SEED Countries – including project partners, the European Commission project officer and several ESF Managing Authorities – for a two-days workshop.

The purpose of the meeting was to share the tools and methodologies to be used at national level to accompany the Competence Centers co-creation process. Each national group, under the guidance and facilitation of Politecnico di Milano and Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, had thus the chance to get familiar with some instruments – such as the ones developed in the framework of the SIC project – and test them in a simulation of co-design workshop. On the other hand, the feedback from the partners was particularly helpful in better tailoring the tools for the SEED purposes.

The fact-to-face exchange, the dialogue and comparison among different national perspectives, the immersive teamwork gave a significant added value to the activities performed so far by the SEED partnership.

The lessons learnt and the expertise gained during the Torino workshop will be put to good use in 2022 during the National Competence Centers co-design workshops, stay tuned to learn more on the next steps of the Social Innovation EcosystEm Development!