This activity should be present throughout the whole process: ex-ante, in progress, and ex-post. The SI process is rarely linear: it is often a continuous adaptation to demands, needs, attempts and failures. Monitoring and changes in progress are essential for success in SI.

Evaluating and monitoring

This sub-stage allows policymakers and social innovators to identify socio-economic indexes and indicators allowing impact measurement, result assessment, and setup of priorities. It employs metrics considering activities, inputs, outputs, outcomes, impact and flexibility.

Theory of change

Value Network Analysis

Social Return on Investment (SROI)

Self-evaluation for public entities

Policymakers (at local, regional, national and EU levels) can create the necessary conditions for an ecosystem conducive to stimulating, resourcing and sustaining social innovation. Using appropriate tools, they will be able to evaluate current practices such as the effectiveness of organisational structures, the governance arrangements, the quality of stakeholder relationships and the alignment of administrative and fiscal procedures.

SI policy toolbox