Greek National Workshop of the Greek Social Innovation Lab

31th March – 1st April 2022 –

Greek National Workshop of the Social Innovation Lab was conducted on 31th of March and 1st of April in the premises if the Greek National Coordinator, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. With over of 50 participants from MA’s Intermediate Bodies, Social Innovators, Local Authorities, Municipalities, Chambers, NGO’s, Individuals, Academia, Research Centre the event was full of different knowledge and experience views and perspectives, offering the bliss of multi -mingles discussions and consultation staying aligned with diversity and inclusiveness fundamental of Social Innovation. Rich results were produced and fruitful progress was made during the 2-day workshop, with peer learning modules being at their best.

The six main challenges regarding Greek SI ecosystem, deriving from the T.1.1.  & T.1.2. mapping exercises according to SEED’s workplan were presented. Then, the three most crucial of them, were allocated to the six tables. Each challenge was analyzed by two tables, offering comparability value to what was analyzed.

New insights were also generated from the deep analysis of the 4 agile management tools used, such as: problem definition, value proposition canvas, idea service/card and customer journey. Participants were allocated in 6 tables, while the Greek Scheme had for the purpose of the webinar defined and assigned roles, such as Table Moderator, Reporter (for each table), as well as General Moderator. GSIL had also created an operational supporting team for the better facilitation of the workshops’ activity.

A compound report was the result of the above activities, including generic Description of the methodology for the organization of the workshop, the facilitation the tables’ analysis and the overall conclusions and remarks. During the procedures Miro Board Application was used providing the technical opportunity for simultaneous, parallel collaboration and “within discussion” of the tables. At the same time and after every session with the relevant tool was completed, the Tables discussed through the nominated representatives the findings and the approaches to what they discussed.