COMMONSPACE – The participatory LAB project


Athens, Greece                        

Actors involved

social economy organisations, public sector entities, private companies and citizens.

Thematic areas of SI

circular economy and environment, urban regeneration


The participatory LAB project is part of a broader COMMONSPACE initiative aimed at creating participatory design methodologies and support tools that support plans, projects and actions to adapt to climate change. The project focuses on issues of adaptation to climate change, the built environment of cities and urban greenery. It places particular emphasis on supporting green infrastructure projects and actions and ecosystem-based approaches in urban areas with the aim of increasing their resilience to climate change. The participatory LAB project aims to create an active interdisciplinary community that studies, documents, learns, disseminates and implements participatory planning processes for public space, with the aim of adapting cities to climate change.

In addition, the participatory LAB aims to support:

  • Municipalities and Regions
  • Offices of Resilience and Climate Change
  • Private space design designers, landscape architects, urban green and green / blue infrastructure designers
  • Researchers
  • Students
  • Civil society organizations and city movements

The purpose of the support from participatory LAB is the use of participatory design for:

(a) monitoring and recording of data related to climate change,

(b) the preparation of risk management plans arising from climate change,

(c) promoting action plans to prevent such risks,

d) informing and raising public awareness about the issue of climate change with the ultimate goal of mobilizing them to address locally the causes that aggravate it.

The project “participatory LAB” is funded by the Green Fund in the framework of the action “Innovative actions with citizens” in the axis “Innovative actions” of the financial program “Natural environment & innovative actions environmental actions 2019”.