SXEDIA STIN POLI – JOIN in and make a change


Athens, Greece                         

Actors involved

social economy organisations, citizens

Thematic areas of SI



Η Καλλιτεχνική Παιδαγωγική Ομάδα «Σχεδία στην πόλη» The Cultural Education team “Sxedia stin poli” is a partner in a three-year European project on the topic of exploring the concept of inclusive education and the contribution of educational drama (drama in education) as a tool for the development of relations of cooperation, acceptance and respect in the school environment. The project is supported and co-financed by the European Commission under the Youth and Lifelong Learning Programme ERASMUS + and sub-action K3.

The project of social innovation is entitled “JOIN in and make a change” and is implemented by a partnership of teachers and social actors from four cities in Europe. Among the aims of the project is to train pedagogues and teachers in the use of the educational drama and to support them in its implementation and dissemination.

Actions of the program:

  • Exploratory group to record views and needs in modern educational reality.
  • Conduct a corresponding quantitative survey (questionnaires) to teachers and pupils.
  • Educational meetings in the partner countries of the programme.
  • Organise educational conferences and conferences at local and European level. – Implementation of a training seminar with emphasis on educational drama techniques.
  • Support for educational participants in the training seminar in the implementation of activities with educational drama techniques in their class.
  • The publication of educational materials in the language of each country, as well as English, on educational drama techniques as an auxiliary manual for teachers.