MOL – Ministry of Labour

REBRAIN GREECE at a glance is:

  1. An Interdisciplinary, voluntary initiative for the technological transformation of the labour market and the management of brain drain.
  2. Launched in April 2019 by officers of the General Directorate of Labour Relations of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.
  3. Operates as an advisory and supportive scientific non-profit institution for the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.
  4. Brings to the fore a new equality culture, of horizontal cooperation on the design of data driven policies for the labour market.
  5. Brings together into common discussion working and scientific analysis groups, representatives of more than 30 players for the horizontal resolution of nationwide labour issues.
  6. Operates through live meetings and in a digital environment Makes use of the experience and expertise of its executives who participate as experts in technical and advisory committees of the European Commission and other European and International institutions.
  7. The ERGANI CP and the reform of the Labour Market Diagnosis Mechanism is fully utilized (Awarded as Best Practice by the World Bank and the OECD).
  8. Team members have been awarded many times for their scientific activity, (studies and research, participation in scientific working groups in Europe and internationally).
  9. The framework of the initiative’s work is divided into thematic sections so as to achieve more targeted policies by using the expertise of all participants and members.
  10. The thematic groups of the initiative using data analytics, business intelligence tools and data visualization applications moved rapidly towards analyzing labour market data and designing policy proposals.
  11. Within 6 months of its operation, it presented at the Thessaloniki International Fair September 2019 the first results of its work and proposals of active employment policies.
  12. Following the Thessaloniki International Fair, roadmap of planned actions has been reassessed, working groups have been restructured, many new and very valuable new members have been added and partnerships have been created with 6 Universities and major national Institutions such as ESF, GSRT etc.
  13. The group’s coordinators formulated and clarified the next strategic steps of the initiative, and in consultation with the Ministry’s political leadership moved on to the next steps of REBRAIN GREECE.
  14. Organized successfully a national Conference on 9th Dec 2019 where the 4 major innovations of the initiative were presented, including policy proposals for the technological transformation of the Greek Labour Market. Representatives of the Ministry of Labour, the social partners’ institutions, Universities, NGOs and associations presented policy proposals, their research findings and also they shared knowledge and expertise with the attendees in a frutiful interaction.