KOLLEKTIVA is a non-profit organisation that works at the intersection of social innovation, culture and sustainable development to encourage positive transitions to more fair and viable futures.

We focus on stimulating progress in the fields of public policy making, cultural policy and community-building, to strengthen culture driven local development and tackle societal challenges through cultural and creative practices.

In line with the SDGs, KOLLEKTIVA creates transformative strategies to support leaders and communities in the public and cultural sector to bring about change in their organisations and local context.

Through research, collaborations and networking KOLLEKTIVA is a proponent of Culture as a key driver of local development.

Co-Founders: Alexis Galinos, Amalia Zepou, Katerina Gkoutziouli, Matina Magkou, Sophia Handaka
We bring experience from having researched, tested and implemented transformative models of governance during the years of the Greek financial crisis in the context of the Athens Municipality, Athens’ Development Agency and the cultural sector. We identified similar gaps in our fields of interest and joined forces to become catalysts of positive social change.