Hashnet d.o.o. is a Slovenian distributed ledger technology infrastructure provider. We have developed the Hashnet DLT infrastructure using Proof-of-Stake with masternodes or Proof-of-Authority consensus algorithms. Hashnet is in the process of evaluation by European Blockchain Partnership to become one of the pilot protocols for European Blockchain Service Infrastructure. The Hashnet team consists of seasoned technology experts, entrepreneurs, product specialists, and operational staff. Products developed by Hashnet: Hashnet DLT platform, custom wallet implementations (with and without UI) for Linux, macOS and Windows with key management based on elliptic curve cryptography. Tools developed by Hashnet: Web3js JavaScript framework implementation for Tolar Hashnet platform, Web3j Java framework implementation for Tolar Hashnet platform. Significant infrastructure developed by Hashnet: Tolar Hashnet mainnet – public blockchain network based on Tolar Hashnet platform, SI-Chain – National blockchain test infrastructure for Republic of Slovenia and Tolar Hashnet testnet – experimental public blockchain for testing/piloting new blockchain concepts. Hashnet company is actively promoting social economy, social innovation and civil society development through it’s activities with education, presentation and promotion of technological solutions as a tool for boosting social economy and social innovation and achieving Global Sustainable development goals (SDGs).