EURICSE is a research institute promoting knowledge and innovation for cooperative and social enterprises. It produces scientific knowledge, promotes culture and innovation, creates skills through training courses and provides strategy and policy consultancy services in the local, European and global sphere.

Our activities:


Euricse develops theoretical and applied research activities, taking a multidisciplinary approach and applying an international vision that adds value to its collaborations with the academic community. The objective is to explore the role of cooperative and social enterprises and their impact on social and economic development, supporting their growth and improving their effectiveness. The main research fields are:

  • Distinguishing characteristics and quantification of the size and impact of the social economy
  • The contribution of social economy organizations to resolving socio-economic problems
  • Policies and tools to support and develop the social economy


Training is key to bringing the social economy into the future. Euricse draws on its experience and partnerships to create courses that offer some of the most in-depth and up-to-date education in the sector, keeping up with a job market that demands specific theoretical and practical skills, vision and a capacity for innovation. The programs offered include:

  • the Master in Management of Social Enterprises, with 87% of participants finding employment in the sector
  • advanced training courses for managers
  • tailored training for individual organizations


Euricse makes its skills available to institutions and enterprises, both nationally and internationally, in order to improve and adapt the policies affecting the sector. In its role as a scientific and institutional partner, Euricse has overseen projects of strategic interest for:

  • The European Commission and the European Parliament
  • Local and national public institutions
  • The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
  • The United Nations (ILO, FAO)
  • Numerous enterprises, consortia and federations in Italy and around the world.