Innovate UK


Swindon, United Kingdom

Actors involved

Public entities, citizens, profit companies

Thematic areas

Innovation in the public sector


Innovate UK is the UK’s innovation agency. It was founded with the scope of contributing to

economic and sustainable growth and innovation by investing in high-potential entrepreneurs and businesses across the United Kingdom. Innovate UK follows a thought-leadership role around business-led innovation, providing leadership through its expertise, creating a trustworthy partner, setting the direction for innovation in the United Kingdom and beyond. Its actions are led by the vision to create a marketplace in the United Kingdom where businesses can innovate and grow in order to maximise the economic and societal benefits of innovation over the long term. This vision is then put into practice by the mission of Innovate UK, which is to drive sustainable economic growth through business-led innovation, by investing in innovation and giving innovative businesses of all sizes in all sectors access to the knowledge, partners, investment and markets they need.

More practically what this agency does is help companies, through three main kinds of activity:

• inspire them to make the opportunities visible;

• involve them to bring relevant organisations and people together; and

• invest to convene the resources needed.

With these three main actions, Innovate UK helps companies access expertise, build partnerships, and support new and innovative ideas.