HUMANE – Abilities days


Athens, Greece                             

Actors involved

social economy organisations, private companies, citizens

Thematic areas of SI



This event refers to people with or without a disability, visible or non-visible, people with abilities that can bring a change to a life without limitations. Social entrepreneurship can contribute with sustainable solutions to serious social issues related to health, care and empowerment. The civil society claims a fair world that offers equal chances and abilities, a humane world. These days are dedicated to the change that can happen to individuals with abilities by combining design with care, health and innovation. The parallel actions in a multidimensional event are: 1) unlimited abilities #Talks (People, with or without disabilities, visible or not, social entrepreneurs, activists from Greece and abroad can inspire us with their abilities. Abilities with which they succeed in leading systematic changes and creating a more humane world), 2) Design and care #Hacathon (The reversal of the stereotypes around disability, the attention and prolepsis in health, the inclusion of the vulnerable groups are issues that are converted to interactive actions and invite every citizen to make a stand) and 3) Think and Care #Challenge (This is the artistic competition “Design & Care” Hackathon that aims to combine design with the care and empowerment of vulnerable groups. To utilize social marketing by breaking the stereotypes around disability and chronic diseases, to inform the general public about prevention issues but at the same time to empower the people with disabilities thems.