Bistrița, Romania            

Actors involved

social economy organisations, intermediaries, citizens

Thematic areas of SI

circular economy and environment, digital transformation and smart cities, education, cultural heritage and creative industries, urban regeneration, welfare and work


The projects that the organization is mostly known for are their tree plantings. Over time, Asociația Tășuleasa Social built a campus on top of Mount Bârgău, in Tihuța Pass, and created a place where they could bring young people in order to mentor and teach them what it means to be a volunteer and why it is important to care about the world around them. They set out to change the mentality of those around us and to show that young people want to get involved in solving social problems just as much as adults do. They listened to their volunteers, let them express their own culture, values, ​​and attitudes, and taught them to become mentors for the next generation of volunteers.

Over time, the organization activities have focused on various aspects and the team always tried to answer some questions, needs, or shortcomings, so that almost always their projects have reached more areas of interest, such as environment, social or cultural.