Managing Social Innovation: leadership and business models

September, 20th – from 12.30 to 02.00 p.m.

It is widely recognised that SI can contribute to the generation of a positive impact on communities and society as a whole. However, the challenges related to launching, managing, and scaling SI are often underestimated. Indeed, they may relate to the design of the organisational and business model, the compliance with existing regulations, the relationship with the institutional context, the provision of financial resources, and the definition of the leadership model. Furthermore, many existing experiences show that the mainstreaming of SI has often failed, leaving many initiatives unable to generate a broad and systemic impact. This session will discuss some of these challenges, by giving voice to some organisations that work in the field with social innovators in different countries for many years.


12.30 – 12.50: Introduction: Utopic scaling: what went wrong  – Mario Calderini and Ambra Giuliano, Politecnico di Milano

Panel discussion: Federico Mento, Ashoka – Marco Nannini, ImpactHub – Elisa Bacchetti, Chiara Burtini, SocialFare
12.50 – 13.05: What are the main challenges in managing SI processes and initiatives?
13.05 – 13.20: What are the main challenges in scaling SI?
13.20 – 13.35: What leadership for social innovation?

13.35 – 14.00: Q&A – Discussion with participants

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