Impact measurement methodologies and tools I The challenges in assessing social impact: the case of Croce Rossa Italiana organisation

The Webinar is organized by Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with:  Croce Rossa Italiana, Aiccon, Human Foundation, Avise.

The increasing importance of addressing the world’s grand societal challenges is leading to a growing interest in defining proper sustainable practices at the organisational level. Accordingly, scholars, practitioners, and policymakers highlight the urgency of finding models for measuring the impact of such sustainable practices. In Europe, normative levers require integrated impact assessment to better balance the environmental, social, and governance dimensions. This growing interest in social impact measurement by all sectors of society has resulted in a growing need for tools that enable the different actors to measure and manage social impact. ​​In the seminar the participants will experiment with the many challenges different actors might face in the effort of managing, measuring and reporting the social and environmental impact of their activities and their possible solutions; during a learning practical session, they will be introduced to several impact assessment tools and methods which could help them to envision possible answers to those challenges. During the webinar, the experience of Croce Rossa Italiana (Italian Red Cross) will be presented as an example to dive deep into this challenge.


Introduction: Impact measurement and management challenges – Croce Rossa Italiana

Learning Practical session (breakout rooms): impact assessment tools and methodologies – Aiccon, Avise, Human Foundation, Politecnico di Milano