FGB – Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini

Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini is a think-and-do tank active since 1971, with the mission to create social impact through research, evidence-based policy design, projects, cultural production, and dissemination. FGB plans and executes activities that directly impact places, people, and organizations that are part of a growing national and international community that FGB fosters.
FGB’s work is deeply rooted in the values of social inclusion, local cohesion, sustainability, and digital innovation for economic growth, equal opportunities, and access to the job market through skills development, gender equality, and cultural diversity advocacy, civic participation for local development.

FGB offers technical assistance to analyze and evaluate policies, research and data analysis services, communication and dissemination consulting, expertise in the design and facilitation of local communities and networks, vocational training for private and public entities.
In the last years, according to the exponential growth of the so-called knowledge economy, FGB has started to focus on an integrated approach to urban development, improving the connection between centers and peripheries in cities. These activities unfold in the planning and management of physical innovation hubs that work to promote, incubate and accelerate new ideas in the sectors of digital technologies, cultural and creative industries, environmental and social sustainability.