COTO – City of Turin

Torino is the capital city of the Piemonte region (North-West Italy). With its 850.000 inhabitants (about 1.5 million considering the metropolitan area) and its 130 sqkm of territorial extension, it is one of the largest cities in Italy.
The Municipality manages several services including care of the territory, social and economic development, environment, mobility, innovation. By embracing the 2011 European Commission’s Smart Cities&Communities Initiative, it strongly committed to foster a sustainable, intelligent and inclusive urban growth.
Since 2014 Torino has developed a strong model of social innovation based on a solid local ecosystem. In 2015, it implemented the first local policy in Italy voted to the Social Innovation, Torino Social Innovation, a set of strategies and instruments to support new young enterprises able to address social needs in different fields (as education, employment, mobility, health, inclusion), and to create a blended value for the society, both social and economic. The program aimed at creating an open ecosystem of actors and stimulating synergies among them.
As evolution of Torino Social Innovation, in 2018 Torino has adopted a new strategy to support social innovation in urban areas under the umbrella of Torino Social Impact, a platform aggregating over 140 stakeholders. The mission of Torino Social Impact is to strengthen the local system and qualify it as one of the best places in the world to do business and finance by pursuing economic goals along with social impact objectives, in the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.
As lead partner of SEED, Torino coordinates the development of the Social Innovation Competence Centers in the 4 participating Countries (Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Romania) and is in charge of implementing the SEED Italian pilot project, a design policy lab for the mainstreaming of Social Innovation on the ESF+ operational programs.


Palazzo Madama © Archivio fotografico della Città di Torino